Q. Are you fully qualified?
A. Yes, I am a fully qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and have been teaching since 2010.

Q. What car will I be driving and is it manual or automatic? 
A. My car is Ford Fiesta and has a manual gear box. It's extremely adjustable and fits all shapes and sizes easily with good visibility all around the car.

Q. When should I start learning the theory?
A. As soon as possible. The more you know, the less time we will need to spend learning theory on the lessons - therefore reducing the overall cost. Also, you must pass your theory test before the DVSA allow you to book a practical test.

Q. How do I book the theory test? I have heard of scams on the internet, is this true? 
A. Yes, there are many scams around booking tests on the Internet and the test should only be booked through www.gov.uk/book-theory-test
The current fee for a car theory test is £23 and there should be no additional fee to pay. Alternatively you can call the DVSA on 0300 200 1122.
The nearest theory test centre to Maidstone is in Chatham.

Q. How does the practical test work? 
A. The practical test is around 40 minutes long. At the start you are asked one vehicle safety question before you've gone anywhere, during the drive the examiner will ask you to demonstrate another vehicle safety question while you're on the move. You will be asked to drive on various types of roads safely and show good control and understanding. During the test you will be asked to drive for around 20 minutes independently and this will most likely be using a sat nav the examiner brings with them. That said, 1 in 5 candidates are asked to drive independently using road signs only. You will also be asked to carry out one reversing manoeuvre. In addition to this, you may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop, this is randomly asked to 1 in 3 candidates.

Q. What car do I drive on the test? 
A. The same car. On test day we arrange an hour lesson before the test to practice driving and manoeuvring before going to the test centre. When we get there we go in and wait for your examiner and they take my place in the passenger seat for 40 minutes while the test is being conducted. You can take the test in your own vehicle as long as it's insured and you have an accompanying driver but it makes sense to take the car you've been doing all your practice in.

Q. How do I book the practical test? 
A. The same way as the theory. Again there are many scams around so make sure you book through their official website: www.gov.uk/book-driving-test or alternatively call the DVSA on 0300 200 1122. The current driving test fee is £62 on a weekday and £75 on a Saturday. This is made payable to the DVSA. 
The nearest practical driving test to Maidstone, is in Maidstone itself.

Q. Is that all I pay on test day? 
A. Unfortunately not, as the test fee has nothing to do with me, I still have to charge for the time that is booked out of my diary. Often the test and travel time combined runs over, but 2 hours is the charge unless we have arranged an extended lesson beforehand.

Q. When & where do you teach?
A. I teach Monday to Friday from around 8am-8pm most days, so I can work around your busy schedule. I only teach in and around Maidstone, Kent and not much further unfortunately but it's always worth asking if you're unsure.