No matter what stage you’re at, my aim is to train you to become among the safest drivers on the road. As my past and present students will tell you, I never cut corners - but I will teach you to the highest possible standard as quickly and as economically as possible. This is why I believe I have such a high 1st time pass rate.

I offer calm, clear tuition and am extremely patient. I specialise in nervous drivers and offer a wide range of courses with a very flexible schedule, great for working around work or school. My rates are not the cheapest but I am a firm believer of ‘You get what you pay for’. Many people come to me after having lessons elsewhere wishing they had never been drawn in by that offer which was ‘too good to be true’.

Morgans's Driving School has also been awarded the 'Best Driving School in Maidstone' (www.threebestrated.co.uk)



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Hi, I'm Peter, before I started my own driving school, I was teaching for the AA driving school. During my time there I built a very strong reputation for myself in the area and earned a very high pass rate, and because of my success, I found that I was sourcing most of my pupils independently through recommendations, that was when I decided to start my own Driving School - Morgan's

My aim is not just to help people achieve their licence, but to help them understand how the road works and what dangers lie ahead. Once you achieve this level of understanding and control, you will be among the safest drivers on the road.



The complete package to train any learner into a safe, considerate, confident road user. I offer calm, clear and detailed tuition specialising with nervous and anxious drivers. Theory training can also be supplied if necessary. My teaching is tailored around the learner to help achieve excellent understanding and control of the car during every aspect of driving. No matter what level you are at, whether it's your 1st lesson or you've had previous lessons I can adapt around you to strengthen your weaknesses and help you achieve an excellent standard of driving and obtain your driving licence that will open up so many opportunities. Or maybe you have your licence already but feel out of practice. Either way I can work around you to help you feel confident and safe using the road. 

Prices: £27 per hour or £250 per block of 10

Intensive courses available please contact me for pricing



Once you've got your licence you are able to drive on every type of road, including motorways. As a learner you are unable to practice motorway driving and it is a fair bit different to the types of roads you may have been using most. Take advantage of motorway lessons to get used to joining and leaving and maintaining higher speeds or invest in the complete "Pass Plus" scheme to advance your skills and knowledge on motorways, dual carriageways, night driving, weather conditions and town and country roads in unfamiliar areas. The course will lower your chances of any accidents once you've passed and give you extra confidence for the future.

Price: £180 (If you are between 17-19 and live in the Maidstone area, KCC are offering a £60 discount for the Pass Plus Scheme. Ask for more details)

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If anyone within your company drives as part of their work, the employer is expected to perform a risk assessment of the activity. If you have 5 or more employees, you are obliged to have this risk assessment written down. This could include delivery van drivers, company car drivers and even occasional drivers who are using their own vehicle – the employer still has a ‘duty of care’ to protect its employees and the general public. The aim of the assessment is: Confirm the standard and safety of the driving standard. Lower Insurance Premiums - less or no accidents. Lower fuel consumption - eco friendly driving. Lower maintenance costs - wear and tear on the vehicle. Protection for the employer from the 'Corporal Manslaughter Act 1999'. This is where the employer has neglected to check the standard of the employees driving and the worse has happened. Please research further information as this is one of the most important reasons to have the assessment.Once the assessment is complete, I will supply a written copy along with and future recommendations. 
Fleet assessments take approximately 1.5 hours and include licence and eyesight check, vehicle safety checks, journey planning, highway code and in-car driving assessment. For each candidate, a full written report and risk assessment will be completed along with any recommendations.

Company Driver Risk Assessment Cost: Pricing on Application