Show Me Tell Me Questions UK Driving Test

This is a demonstration of the vehicle safety (show me, tell me) questions that you could be asked on your driving test. You will only be asked 2 questions of the 19 demonstrated so it's worth learning them all.


There has been an update to the vehicle safety questions meaning that now you are asked one of these questions at the start of the test before you move off and one during the drive. For example you may be driving along and the examiner asks “When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you wash and clean the front windscreen?”.

There is also one new question - “When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d open and close the side window?”

But we would go through all of these questions during our lessons.

Click here to see the official government website page which displays all the questions you can be asked.

Common Myths

Q. Is there a better chance of passing my driving test at certain test centres?

A. No, if you’re ready for the test then it shouldn’t matter where you take the test.

Q. What about the time? I’ve heard that first thing in the morning and before lunch they are grumpy?

A. Nonsense. You’ll hear advice from a lot of people who mean well but the examiners are completely unbiased and conduct each and every test in the same impartial way.

Q. Do the examiners have to pass and fail a certain amount of people in a week/month?

A. No, turn up and show them you are a competent, confident and safe driver and you’ll walk (or drive) away with your licence.

Q. Will I fail if I go the wrong way?

A. If what you are doing is safe and legal, you will not fail for going the wrong way. If you take a wrong turn, your examiner will make you aware of it and re-route accordingly. If you’re following the sat nav, then that would automatically re-route you. If what you’re doing is dangerous or illegal, the examiner will get involved (verbally or physically) and that would result in a serious or dangerous fault, either of these will fail you.

Q. I’m not confident that I’ll be able to complete the manoeuvre in one move. Will I fail if I fix it?

A. Absolutely not. We are all human and if something isn’t working then fix it. As long as you do it in a safe way and it doesn’t take too long, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Q. I hate silence and it makes me nervous, can I have the radio on during the test?

A. Yes you can, as long as it’s not too loud and the instructions can be heard then it’s completely acceptable.

Helpful Diagrams